So going into this shoot, she told me that she was not photogenic. I think she lied to me.

 For this first look, I wanted to actually see how she was in front of the camera. I let her talk to my sister and cousin while I shot so that I can see if I could get more of a lifestyle type of shot. 

Change of scenery

I also wanted to processes all of these images like they were shot on film. 



So for this shoot, we wanted very soft light with a lot of shadows. I love achieving this look with natural light. At the time we shot, the clouds were getting darker because of a storm that was approaching. Before I even started I was losing light. I wanted to place her in front of the sliding door but things were not working out. So  I sat in front of the sliding door and was able to get this first look. For the rest of that day, it was so dark outside, I did not want to force anything. So we rescheduled on a day where it was sunny and we could get nice light through the windows. 

For the second look, I did not want to get a complete silhouette, so I let in more light into the camera and used the power of Raw to tweak lighting in the photo. 

I then wanted to change outfit and get a couple of her standing up against a wall. I like placing my models against a wall so that they can lean on it and interact with it. I like giving the models at least something to interact with. 

Shamrock-FC Victory MMA

These photos were taken for Shamrock FC

This was my first time shooting an MMA fight. I was familiar with the sport, but not so familiar about where photographers stood to shoot. There are usually 4 posts around the corners of the ring so that 2 photographers and 2 cameramen can have their own post. At this ring, they only had 3 posts, so they had 2 dedicated cameramen standing opposite of each other, and 1 dedicated photographer on the other post. Since I arrived early, I was able to look around and figure out where I wanted to shoot. I don't like shooting through a fence, but with this sport, I had to. There were media and judge tables along 3 sides of the ring leaving one side open. I knew that I wanted to shoot on that one open side because I would have more room and the fighters made their appearances on this side.

There were 8 total photographers at the event.  Two of photographers came with a fighter. Two other photographers and I ended up taking the empty side while the others roamed around. I knew that I did not want to move from my spot to shoot the fights.  Because the fighters are constantly moving around the ring, the photos would all look similar no matter where I stood. I tried to move to the other side of the ring but I did not have as much room as I did in my original spot, so I went back.

Seeing the ring, which was smaller than usual, I knew that not having a 24-70 was going to be a challenge. I first started off using my 70-200mm. It was way too long, especially for it being on a crop body. I then put my 50mm on my D7000 and my 11-16mm on my d3100. The 50mm was still a little tight, but I was able to make it work. Throughout the first half of the night, I did not have a chair, so I was kneeling the whole time, which was really iratating my back and knees. So when an intermission came, I found a chair. 

Being up on the fence meant that I was prone to having me and my cameras hit by blood. I don't think anything got hit, but I know it was close! Also, I had to look out when the fighters came crashing into the fence that I was at. Potential to break my camera/lens or even my face. 

I really enjoyed shooting this sport. It was something completely different and would love to shoot some more. I did not have any difficulties during this event besides not having a 24-70, but I made it all work with what I had.

I Love where my style is going!

I have shot with Emily multiple times and I think every time gets better and better. Some of my favorite photos in my portfolio have been taken with her. This shoot matches the recent photos that I have been posting. I absolutely love shooting with Emily just because I have shot with her before and we already have a feel for each other. She knows how I shoot and I know how she models and we get along well.

With her, I gave her almost no direction except to squinch. We actually shot three looks, but the last two looks were the best. We started off shooting like we always do, and were pretty much warming up. When she went to change into the second look, I took a  look at the photos. Since I am huge on expression in photos, I noticed that I never taught her the squinch! So I explained to her what is was and took a couple of shots, and we could instantly tell the difference in the second look. The first look is all natural lighting, while the second look I used my flash on my camera and bounced it on the windows that already were letting the sun come through. The second look I just needed a little more light because I did not want to raise my ISO any higher than it was.


It is actually weird to see my progression. I started off strictly using my Alien Bees to get that studio look. Now I am using mainly natural light. My style keeps changing because I keep finding inspirations from different photographers and want to try all different styles. I am not sure if I said this before, but what I like to do is try as many styles as I can and then tweak them to my liking. Hope you enjoy! :)

Body Builder Reggie Reed Shoot.

I have decided to try Blogging. I am not sure what direction my Blogs will go. Once I write more, I will know. For my first post I will talk about my recent photo shoot with Reggie Reed.

Problems occurred within this shoot. But I was able to solve all of them or figure out an alternative and had an amazing shoot with Reggie.

First Problem that occurred  was that I forgot my studio lights. I was actually amazed that I forgot them. But the Gym was only 20 min away and I had one of my roommates drive them to the gym. This did not set me back at all because while my lights were on the way, I had to set somethings up especially my strip boxes. I love them but I hate having to mess with each individual rod, I will write about them later. We had the first look figured out and I had the perfect background. I was going to have him sit on the edge of a bench with dumbbells like he was about to do DB bench. I wanted to turn the bench so that he would have a square U of dumbbells surrounding him. I am specific on my backgrounds because they are still a part of the photo and equally important as the subject. I want the background to add to the photo rather than take away.

This is when the second problem occurred. The Bench was bolted into the ground! Almost everything was bolted into the ground! This caused some trouble because this gym was crammed with equipment and moving things around was hard but I knew I could work through it.

By that time my lights were almost at the gym but I wanted to start shooting. So I grabbed my speed light that I had in my bag and  had my assistant hold my beauty dish and flash the speed light through.


When my lights arrived, we moved to the cable fly's. I have a battery for my lights and charged it completely the day before. When I pulled it out, it was completely dead. It must have switched on when I put it way the night before. At that point, I have never had so many challenges. So I asked Reggie if he knew if the gym had any spare extension cords. Of course the first one we found did not have that third nipple. So we looked for more and found some. From here on out, once I actually started shooting, It went smoothly.