Body Builder Reggie Reed Shoot.

I have decided to try Blogging. I am not sure what direction my Blogs will go. Once I write more, I will know. For my first post I will talk about my recent photo shoot with Reggie Reed.

Problems occurred within this shoot. But I was able to solve all of them or figure out an alternative and had an amazing shoot with Reggie.

First Problem that occurred  was that I forgot my studio lights. I was actually amazed that I forgot them. But the Gym was only 20 min away and I had one of my roommates drive them to the gym. This did not set me back at all because while my lights were on the way, I had to set somethings up especially my strip boxes. I love them but I hate having to mess with each individual rod, I will write about them later. We had the first look figured out and I had the perfect background. I was going to have him sit on the edge of a bench with dumbbells like he was about to do DB bench. I wanted to turn the bench so that he would have a square U of dumbbells surrounding him. I am specific on my backgrounds because they are still a part of the photo and equally important as the subject. I want the background to add to the photo rather than take away.

This is when the second problem occurred. The Bench was bolted into the ground! Almost everything was bolted into the ground! This caused some trouble because this gym was crammed with equipment and moving things around was hard but I knew I could work through it.

By that time my lights were almost at the gym but I wanted to start shooting. So I grabbed my speed light that I had in my bag and  had my assistant hold my beauty dish and flash the speed light through.


When my lights arrived, we moved to the cable fly's. I have a battery for my lights and charged it completely the day before. When I pulled it out, it was completely dead. It must have switched on when I put it way the night before. At that point, I have never had so many challenges. So I asked Reggie if he knew if the gym had any spare extension cords. Of course the first one we found did not have that third nipple. So we looked for more and found some. From here on out, once I actually started shooting, It went smoothly.