I Love where my style is going!

I have shot with Emily multiple times and I think every time gets better and better. Some of my favorite photos in my portfolio have been taken with her. This shoot matches the recent photos that I have been posting. I absolutely love shooting with Emily just because I have shot with her before and we already have a feel for each other. She knows how I shoot and I know how she models and we get along well.

With her, I gave her almost no direction except to squinch. We actually shot three looks, but the last two looks were the best. We started off shooting like we always do, and were pretty much warming up. When she went to change into the second look, I took a  look at the photos. Since I am huge on expression in photos, I noticed that I never taught her the squinch! So I explained to her what is was and took a couple of shots, and we could instantly tell the difference in the second look. The first look is all natural lighting, while the second look I used my flash on my camera and bounced it on the windows that already were letting the sun come through. The second look I just needed a little more light because I did not want to raise my ISO any higher than it was.


It is actually weird to see my progression. I started off strictly using my Alien Bees to get that studio look. Now I am using mainly natural light. My style keeps changing because I keep finding inspirations from different photographers and want to try all different styles. I am not sure if I said this before, but what I like to do is try as many styles as I can and then tweak them to my liking. Hope you enjoy! :)