Shamrock-FC Victory MMA

These photos were taken for Shamrock FC

This was my first time shooting an MMA fight. I was familiar with the sport, but not so familiar about where photographers stood to shoot. There are usually 4 posts around the corners of the ring so that 2 photographers and 2 cameramen can have their own post. At this ring, they only had 3 posts, so they had 2 dedicated cameramen standing opposite of each other, and 1 dedicated photographer on the other post. Since I arrived early, I was able to look around and figure out where I wanted to shoot. I don't like shooting through a fence, but with this sport, I had to. There were media and judge tables along 3 sides of the ring leaving one side open. I knew that I wanted to shoot on that one open side because I would have more room and the fighters made their appearances on this side.

There were 8 total photographers at the event.  Two of photographers came with a fighter. Two other photographers and I ended up taking the empty side while the others roamed around. I knew that I did not want to move from my spot to shoot the fights.  Because the fighters are constantly moving around the ring, the photos would all look similar no matter where I stood. I tried to move to the other side of the ring but I did not have as much room as I did in my original spot, so I went back.

Seeing the ring, which was smaller than usual, I knew that not having a 24-70 was going to be a challenge. I first started off using my 70-200mm. It was way too long, especially for it being on a crop body. I then put my 50mm on my D7000 and my 11-16mm on my d3100. The 50mm was still a little tight, but I was able to make it work. Throughout the first half of the night, I did not have a chair, so I was kneeling the whole time, which was really iratating my back and knees. So when an intermission came, I found a chair. 

Being up on the fence meant that I was prone to having me and my cameras hit by blood. I don't think anything got hit, but I know it was close! Also, I had to look out when the fighters came crashing into the fence that I was at. Potential to break my camera/lens or even my face. 

I really enjoyed shooting this sport. It was something completely different and would love to shoot some more. I did not have any difficulties during this event besides not having a 24-70, but I made it all work with what I had.