So for this shoot, we wanted very soft light with a lot of shadows. I love achieving this look with natural light. At the time we shot, the clouds were getting darker because of a storm that was approaching. Before I even started I was losing light. I wanted to place her in front of the sliding door but things were not working out. So  I sat in front of the sliding door and was able to get this first look. For the rest of that day, it was so dark outside, I did not want to force anything. So we rescheduled on a day where it was sunny and we could get nice light through the windows. 

For the second look, I did not want to get a complete silhouette, so I let in more light into the camera and used the power of Raw to tweak lighting in the photo. 

I then wanted to change outfit and get a couple of her standing up against a wall. I like placing my models against a wall so that they can lean on it and interact with it. I like giving the models at least something to interact with.