So first I would like to thank Elyse Wagner, the creator of My Kitchen Shrink, on bringing me on board with her team. She has a million different high quality projects that she is doing and it is hard for me to keep track of all of these great ideas!


The largest project that I have been a part of was her smoothie e-book, "Smoothie Secrets revealed: A guide to Enhance Your Health." She came to me with the idea of the smoothie e-book with 30 smoothies, and that she wanted me to photograph each of them, along with other photos for the book. I had never photographed smoothies before, but I have done product photography and she showed me her vision of what she wanted the smoothies to look like. Actually photographing the smoothies took a little longer than we anticipated because we were getting side tracked and talking about random things.

The end result of all of the photos turned out amazing! Before actually seeing the final book, I thought it was just going to be a regular smoothie book, but it is soooooooo much more. The smoothies do not start until around page 90. That means 89 pages are loaded with juicy healthy goodies. Meaning there is so much information in this book that it just blows my mind! Elyse Wagner and the rest of the team (Linda Sickinger, Ginny Wagner, Nicole Falconer, Alyssa Auerbach, and Rachel Homan) have worked long and hard hours to put out a high quality more-than-a-smoothie e-book book. To find out more information about the book, go here Smoothie Secrets Revealed


 Another ongoing project with My Kitchen Shrink is ETV. ETV is a Youtube channel that is all about living a healthy lifestyle. The motto of this channel is "Create a Delicious Health & A Life You Love". Any advice and tips can be seen on this page and she answers all questions. Just by filming her, I have learned so much about a healthy lifestyle. I do try to live a healthy life, but she has so much advise for everything. Since I am in school and we do not live close to each other, we film about 6 videos in advance each time I go up and visit. Jumping on to this project has really pushed me in learning video and even creating things like the whole intro to her videos. Here is one of the videos. And here is the link to the channel. ETV!